Friday, October 20, 2017

Justin's World of Softball announces new website

Justin's World of Softball is proud to unveil, the new online home for all of JWOS' critically-acclaimed softball coverage.

As we prepared for our coverage of the 2018 preseason and regular season, it became glaringly obvious that a new site with better features and easier navigability was going to be a necessity sooner rather than later.

The new website includes individual sections for the site's news articles, as well as featured articles and the popular Where Are They Now feature series. Premiering in late October, our preseason coverage, including Conference Forecasts and the Top 50 player rankings, will debut and be featured solely on the new site.

Another coming feature, Dugout Chatter, the JWOS podcast, will debut in January and new episodes will be featured and archived on the site. The show will feature host Justin McLeod, analyst Kristina Thorson, and a variety of guests. 

A new email subscription service, that will include weekly emailed newsletters with a conglomeration of headlines, links to feature stories, and polls, is also a part of the new site. Readers can subscribe to this newsletter through the pop-up box when visiting the new JWOS home page.


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